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If you are missing teeth to the extent that you have difficulties speaking or chewing, bridges may be a solution recommended by our Pickering dentists to help offer a restored chewing surface for your mouth.


A dental bridge is a type of oral fixture that is designed to “bridge” the gap between teeth by creating an extended substitution that is meant to act similar to a natural tooth. A dental bridge can be used to substitute an individual tooth or multiple teeth in a row.


The substitution can be created with either dental amalgam or amalgam-free substances. The decision between these variations often depend on the patient’s preference. It is possible for allergies to affect your options, so consult with a dental professional for more information about the differences. There is a cosmetic difference between the two options, but aesthetic differences should be secondary to your oral health.


There are two key methods used for supporting a dental bridge. One involves your dentist in Pickering using your natural teeth as support for the dental fixture. In this method, the exterior of surrounding teeth are reduced to accommodate a support similar to a dental crown which will span between the teeth.


Another method involves the use of a dental implant to support the bridge. This method is a much more serious consideration due to the surgery and timeframe involved in receiving a dental implant. No matter the method, there are options available for the type of bridge you receive. Additionally, it is important to note that the surrounding teeth may also need to be reduced to accommodate the addition of the dental bridge


If you’re interested in receiving more information about dental bridges, or would like to schedule an appointment, contact your dentists in Pickering at Safavi Dental Group or request an appointment online. Our team will be more than happy to answer your questions at our dental clinic by Pickering Town Centre.



Last Updated On 2020-07-13