Dental Crowns in Pickering

A dental crown is a type of onlay which our Pickering dental office can use to cover the visible portion of a tooth. In comparison to this, a composite filling or sa are partial restorations. This means that they only cover a portion of the tooth.


Safavi Dental Clinic uses crowns to help restore an entire broken or decayed tooth, to strengthen teeth, or as a means to affect the cosmetic appearance of a tooth. There are various materials that can be used to compose crowns. Crowns can be made out of ceramic-reinforced resins, pure ceramics, metal alloys, or a combination of metal and ceramic fused together. Dental crowns are often referred to as “dental caps.”


The procedure for making a crown involves one of our dentists in Pickering shaving down the tooth to make space for the crown. Once the section is reduced, a copy of the new tooth’s form is either made by using a physical mould or a digital scan. Once we have the specifications of the new dental fixture, they are used by either an in-house or exterior lab to create the crown. After this, once the crown is ready, it will be cemented onto the tooth.


The timeframe of a dental crown (or inlay/onlay) depends on whether it was made in-house or in an outside lab. It’s possible for a crown made in-house to be ready the same day, but an outside lab can take anywhere between 1-10 days. If there is a significant gap between the tooth-preparation appointment and the crown-deliver appointment, a temporary crown will likely be provided to protect the tooth during that period.


If you are interested in more information on dental crowns or the differences between an in-house or outside lab creating it, contact Safavi Dental Clinic today or request an appointment online. Our clinic is located near Pickering Town Centre to offer you a convenient location for your dental treatments.


Last Updated On 2020-08-08