Dental Crowns at Pickering Dental Office

In contrast to partial restorations that only cover a portion of the tooth such as inlays/onlays or a composite filling, a dental crown or "dental cap" is a restorative option that is used in our Pickering dental office to completely cover the visible portion of your tooth.


Our dentists in Pickering at Safavi Dental Clinic use crowns to help fully restore a broken, damaged, or decayed tooth, as well as strengthen and enhance the visual appearance of your tooth. Crowns are often composed of various materials that include ceramic reinforced resins, pure ceramics, metal alloys, or a combination of metal and ceramic fused together.


The procedure for installing a dental crown first involves the preparation of your tooth, where one of our dentists in Pickering will shave down portions of the tooth in order to make space for the crown. Once adequately prepared, an impression of the tooth will be made either using a physical mould or a digital scanner, and be sent to either an external dental lab for custom fabrication of the crown or created in-house at our Pickering dental office. During your follow up visit at our Pickering dental office, the prepared crown will be cemented onto your tooth.

The timeframe of a dental crown depends on whether it was made in-house or in an outside lab. It’s possible for a crown made in-house at our Pickering dental office to be ready the same day but an outside lab can take anywhere between 1-10 days. If there is a significant gap between the tooth-preparation appointment and the crown-deliver appointment, a temporary crown will likely be provided to protect the tooth during that period.


If you are interested in more information on dental crowns or the differences between an in-house or outside lab creating it, contact Safavi Dental Clinic today or request an appointment online. Our clinic is located near Pickering Town Centre to offer you a convenient location for your dental treatments.


Last Updated On 2020-11-01