Tooth Extractions in Pickering


At Safavi Dental Clinic in Pickering, we will typically only perform an extraction in extreme cases where a tooth is damaged beyond repair, or when it is necessary to extract a tooth in preparation for an implant or orthodontic procedure. We will take the appropriate measures to assist or restore a natural tooth whenever possible.


A common type of extraction that patients receive is wisdom tooth extraction. Wisdom teeth are the teeth that develop at the back of the mouth and will typically begin to erupt during late-teens to early adulthood -- which is why they’re called wisdom teeth. It is entirely possible that wisdom teeth do not need to be extracted, but when they fail to erupt from the gumline they can impact or misalign nearby teeth. Additionally, even if they do erupt, they can cause a risk of crowding. If they do not seem to be a risk for causing issues, they can likely remain.


Prior to taking out the tooth, our Pickering dentists will apply sufficient numbing agents to the area of interest. This is designed to reduce the perception of pain felt during the procedure.


The type of procedure depends on the condition of the tooth. For relatively intact teeth, it is likely that a shorter appointment will be sufficient for removing the tooth. However, in instances of more severely damaged or decayed teeth, our Pickering dentists may require longer appointment times in order to ensure that the entire tooth is properly removed.


Regardless of the extent of the procedure, our team strives to provide our patients with a level of care during procedures that you can trust.


If you feel that you may need a tooth extraction and would like more information about what is involved in the procedure, contact our Pickering dentist team at Safavi Dental Clinic or request an appointment online. Our Pickering dental clinic is located downtown to provide you with a convenient location to treat your concerns about your oral health.

Last Updated On 2020-09-23