Bonded Fillings with Dentists in Pickering


At Safavi Dental Clinic, our dentists in Pickering understand that there are a variety of issues and complications that can affect your overall oral health. Your tooth for example, can sustain a significant amount of damage over time as a result of wear or tear, dental decay, and sudden impact trauma that will require the use of a bonded filling as a restorative solution.

A dental filling is designed to restore the portions of your tooth that have been heavily affected by decay or varying types of damage. This includes but is not limited to erosion and mechanical damage such as fractures, cracks, chips, or abrasion. The procedure itself involves adequately preparing your tooth to create enough space for our dentists in pickering to apply the filling material in. This may also involve reducing or shaving portions of your tooth to effectively remove the decayed and damaged tooth material.


One type of filling that our dentists in Pickering can offer are tooth coloured fillings, which are also known as composite fillings. These fillings are made out of a resin material that can be bonded to your teeth and recoloured to more closely match the natural pigmentation of your teeth, contrasting with metallic alternatives. It is important to note that while tooth coloured fillings made of composite resin can be customized to resemble the natural colour of your teeth, it is unlikely that the colour will fade at the same rate, thus making this type of filling a preferred option for most patients. In addition, composite fillings are a convenient procedure that can often be applied in a single appointment.


Our Pickering dentist may still recommend the use of traditional amalgam fillings depending on your situation. Therefore it is important to ask our dentists in Pickering about which type of filling may be the most suitable fit for you.


To book an appointment or to request more information about the considerations of receiving a filling, contact Safavi Dental Clinic in Pickering today. Alternatively, you can request an appointment online. Our Pickering dental office is open Monday to Friday to offer a convenient way to service your oral health.


Last Updated On 2020-09-23