Root Canal in Pickering Dental Office


It is important to monitor your oral health for any significant changes. These changes can be seen through indicators such as appearance or any discomfort. These changes can be gradual or sudden, but depending on the severity, may require more significant treatments. If a tooth has experienced significant trauma, then you may require root canal therapy.


Each of our teeth contains a pulp and canals which house the tooth’s nerves and helps provide it with nutrients. These extend down to the tooth’s root. However, if this pulp becomes injured then the tooth’s nerves can become damaged and die over time. These injuries are often caused by tooth decay or trauma such as cracks or fractures.


Without proper endodontic treatment such as root canal therapy, damaged or dead dental pulp poses a risk of causing reoccuring pain or infection to the tooth’s supporting bone. A root canal is designed to prevent these infections so the tooth in concern can be kept in place with reduced risk of further infection.


The procedure itself involves your dentist in Pickering drilling a hole into the crown of the tooth and the pulp chamber. The damaged pulp material, such as nerves and blood vessels, are removed and the pulp and root canals are disinfected. Once completed, the canals are sealed with a filling to reduce the risk of bacterial growth or remaining pockets.


Since teeth treated with a root canal are non-vital, they are typically fragile. Because of this, the tooth is crowned after a root canal to reduce the risk of fracturing. Proper care and regular checkups should be maintained to encourage the longevity of teeth supported by a crown which have received a root canal. Pickering residents can be confident in Safavi Dental Clinic.


At Safavi Dental Clinic, our team of Pickering dentists near you are more than happy to discuss root canal treatment. You can request an appointment online or contact us directly.

Last Updated On 2020-09-23