Sedation Dentistry with Pickering Dentist

Some patients are more sensitive to what is experienced during a dental procedure and may be looking at possibilities to help reduce the intensity of the sensations. At Safavi Dental Clinic, our dentists in Pickering are able to provide nitrous oxide sedation to suitable patients.


Nitrous oxide sedation may be better known through the term “laughing gas.” It has been given this name due to the feelings of euphoria that some patients experience while under the effects of the gas. This type of sedative can be used in surgery and dentistry to decrease the sensations of certain stimuli and reduce levels of anxiety for certain patients. The gas itself is composed of a nitrous oxide and oxygen mixture which is inhaled through a nosepiece. The amount of gas that you receive during a procedure is monitored and controlled by our Pickering dentists to ensure that the amount meets proper specifications.


The effect of nitrous oxide sedation typically begins to take hold within a few minutes as the patient inhales through the nose. Nitrous oxide sedation allows you to still be awake during a procedure, so you are able to respond to verbal clues provided by the dentist. However, once the procedure is completed, the facemask can be removed and you will be encouraged to breathe oxygen normally. This will allow you to filter the effects of the sedation out of your system and return to your previous state of awareness.


You will likely be able to drive yourself home after your visit and continue your daily activities as normal. However, if you are concerned that it may not be safe to drive yourself home, then you should arrange a ride just to be sure.


If you are interested in using nitrous oxide sedation to supplement your procedures, contact Safavi Dental Clinic today or request an appointment online. Our team of dentists will be happy to discuss our procedures with you to help you determine a recommended course of action.

Last Updated On 2020-09-23