TMJ (TMD) Therapy with Dentist Pickering

At Safavi Dental Clinic, our dentists in Pickering are able to provide patients with a TMJ assessment if they are concerned about the condition of the joints that help control the movement of your jaw.


The temporomandibular joints (TMJ) are a pair of joints located in the area near your ears. While often unnoticed, these are the joints that allow the bottom jaw to open and close. However, through various reasons, patients can develop temporomandibular joint pain, or temporomandibular dysfunction (TMD).


Some systems of TMD include:

  • Pain when opening or moving your jaw
  • Inability to open wide or to move jaw from side-to-side comfortably
  • Pain in the neck or shoulders
  • Pain or ringing in the ear
  • Clenching or grinding your teeth at night
  • Chronic fatigue
  • Noise, or sensations such as grating or popping, in the joints
  • Chronic headaches

TMD can be caused by a variety of factors, and there is no unified treatment because of this. Some patients may experience TMD after a dental procedure such as an extraction, but some may also experience it due to a sudden impact or strain. However, the strain can also be gradual and caused by factors such as stress. No matter the reason, our team will help you be more aware of the treatment options available. Depending on your individual circumstance, successful treatment may involve other professionals such as physiotherapists, oral surgeons, and physicians.


Meaningful treatment begins with a proper diagnosis. At Safavi Dental Clinic in Pickering, our team will do a thorough evaluation of your symptoms to determine how we can assist you and recommend you to appropriate treatment.


If you feel that you are currently suffering from TMD or would like more information about the services provided to help with it, you can contact us today. Alternatively, you can request an appointment online. Our clinic is located at Pickering Town Centre and is open Monday to Friday to offer you a convenient choice when considering your oral health.

Last Updated On 2020-09-23