Hygiene Services at Pickering Dental Office


If you brush twice a day and floss daily, then you are already taking good care of your oral health between visits to our Pickering dental office. However, even the most thorough home oral health regimen may not be enough to protect your mouth against damage to your oral health. Your Pickering dentists at Safavi Dental Clinic are more than happy to provide hygiene services to assist you in preserving your oral health.


Hygiene services can have much more of a purpose than just cleaning your teeth; even home oral care can have an additional benefit. By spending the time to tend to your teeth, gums, and tongue, you can more easily notice changes that may be occurring in your oral health. This can be something more noticeable such as a chip, but you may also notice gradual changes.


Hygiene services are designed to give you a professional and knowledgeable helping hand.


They allow your dentist to get a better gauge of your oral health and where you may need additional help. You likely have gotten into an oral health habit by now; a time you brush your teeth or a way you floss. However, it’s possible that your techniques should improve to better suit your individual oral health needs. These can be as simple as a patient that brushes too hard being recommended a more suitable toothbrush to reduce the risk of unnecessary gum recession.


There are different aspects of hygiene services, and the amount of each style of treatment depends on your individual health. Fluoride treatments can help treat degradation to your tooth’s enamel layer. We can also offer periodontal (gum health) screenings which are designed to monitor the state of multiple aspects of your mouth. Oral hygiene goes well beyond making sure your teeth are clean, it involves treatment for the whole scope of your oral health. It is important to put effort into keeping your gums strong and your mouth disease-free.


Contact Safavi Dental Clinic today if you are interested in receiving our hygiene services. Alternatively, you can request an appointment online. Our clinic is located downtown Pickering, right by the Pickering Town Centre. 

Last Updated On 2020-09-23